The Sun Worshipper

Chris, a friend of mine, told me this story, and this one is true because sometimes fact is stranger than fiction! I will leave out the last names to protect the guilty and the innocent.

There is a ranch north of Amarillo,Texas, and each spring they pull the wagon out for works. The foreman had a cook but he also needed a *hood.  Now this foreman is as tight as bark on a tree, so he’s always looking for a cheap way to get out of things. He figured it wasn’t any big deal to find a hood and really anyone would do, so he set out to the part of town where all the transients hung out to find himself an employee.

Since he wasn’t that picky, he picked up the first feller he saw. The foreman rolled down his window and hollered out, “Say there you want a job? Got to feed some cowboys and I need someone to help out the cook for about two weeks.”

The man was eager for the opportunity, hopped in the car and away they went back to the ranch.

Now camp was nearly complete. As the hands got there and got their teepees set up everything was falling right into place. The hood laid his makeshift bedroll out by the fire-pit and waited for the call to action the next morning.

Chris had come in late that night to set up his stuff and hadn’t heard the story of the foreman’s new hire. That next morning Chris could hear the cook wrestling pots and pans, which was his alarm clock to get up.

As he zipped open his teepee he could smell the coffee on and see the fire blazing.  Chris was always the first one up and over to camp in the morning, and as he moseyed over to the wagon he stopped in his tracks. He had to look three times and rub his eyes to make sure; standing right by the fire was a man he’d never seen – and he was naked!

He snuck up a little closer like a coyote, being ever so careful not to be seen by this feller that was standing by the fire. Yep, sure enough it was a feller and he Scan 26was still naked. Forgoing the need for coffee, Chris backed up and headed straight for the foreman’s teepee.

Right about that time the foreman was unzipping his teepee and poked his head out. Chris frantically asked, “What the hell is going on at the wagon?! There is a feller up there stirring the gravy and he ain’t got no clothes on!”

The foreman rubbing his eyes casually answered, “Oh yeah that’s Stan. Don’t pay him no mind. He told me he’s a sun worshipper, I guess they don’t wear any clothes.”

“Hell it’s 3:30 in the morning – the sun ain’t even up yet!”

I can imagine it was a long two weeks on that wagon. That feller never did wear any clothes and I’m sure he got sunburned in places he didn’t know he had.

So I guess you pay for what you get, and luckily for the thrifty foreman he didn’t have to pay extra for clothes!


6 thoughts on “The Sun Worshipper

  1. Well, I think I’d forget the gravy too, for crying out loud. This just shows how important an interview is when your looking for hired help, lol.

    By the way, I’m thinking of changing my name to Joe, Tom, Bill, Charlie, John, or Chad. Anything but Stan. Heh, heh.

  2. yea Stan I’m thinkin’ the same as you,,,,don’t think I could put that gravy on the taters or biscuits,,,,,,what the heck is he stirring that with…….

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