CBS Sunday Morning Video

Hey Folks, sorry we haven’t been posting much. We’ve been busier than a three-legged cat on an ice-covered pond lately! Between ranch cooking this spring and the release of our new cookbook, A Taste of Cowboy, we are busy!

For those of you who may not have seen this, we were recently featured on CBS Sunday Morning. Shannon and I look forward to this show every Sunday. It is full of great, heart-warming pieces and they cover some of the best humanity has to offer. We were so honored to be included.

Hope you enjoy and more to come on our adventures with Scott Simon on CBS.


6 thoughts on “CBS Sunday Morning Video

  1. Do you have cooking classes on the chuckwagon? Became fascinated while helping with some brandings in the West. We raise Angus beef in MO. Watch Sunday Morning all the time! You all did a great show!

    • Yes we have cooking classses and you can sign up for our email on our website, to get the latest updates. Thanks so much for watching them folks at CBS Sunday Morning are a great bunch to work with

  2. Good day. I saw the episode of Grill Masters on the Food Network and wanted to let you know I enjoyed the show and watching you cook! Wishing you and your wife the best of luck and success! it was fun to see a Cowboy cook!

    • Thanks so much for watching, it was a great time after I figured out what was going on. Them baskets have a lot of strange things in them

  3. Lived on a farm/ranch for 26 yrs. in Kansas……Was a good life, but things change. Thank you tho, for doing what you do and bringing a smile to my face. Hope to meet Shannon and you, when you come to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo.

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